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For the female athlete whp wants to go a little more risqué and shed not just a little, but of their clothing, they may play with the idea of becoming a playmate.Whether it's for a boost of confidence and empowerment, or a boost in publicity, there have been many female athletes who have made an appearance in the naughty magazine.Note that we are using the term ‘eligible’ to refer to anyone that is not married.

The actresses on this list either came from a Disney movie or Disney Channel show, but later ditched their squeaky clean image.Many of these women will make their appearances post-Olympics or after their competitive careers are over - likely, to avoid any controversy.Their appearances in the magazine have still, however, stirred up some debate as to whether these athletes should be considered as role models.But what we do know is that some of these female athletes aren't afraid of showing a little skin.When the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated comes out every year, both men and women flock to the magazine to get a peek at their favorite lady athlete in little clothing.

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