Error updating symantec endpoint protection

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which I believe just means that the client is communicating with SEPM. but I would suspect that there is something wrong between the client and SEPM server.

I think the patch for the 12/31/2009 problem is only available for MR3. which according to the link I sent (which seems to be updated on a regular basis with the latest information regarding the bug) does not yet have a patch. Hi josh2780 Just had a look again at my list of updates.

I would like to update Windows 10 without uninstalling Symantec.

This template allows you to monitor Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.x client services and major events from the application event log.

If they have the latest, I'd just wait until Symantec patches SEPM... As per attached screenshot, my Symantec Endpoint Protection server status is back to normal again. Whether you’re an old hat at phishing education or considering starting a program -- we'll discuss critical components that should be in any program.

Have you perhaps come across of any issues relating to the distribution updating issue that Symantec is facing at the moment as per your given link below? Solution: Added a dependency relationship for SMC service and System Event Notification service at startup. Open&docid=2009072315130848&nsf=ent-security.nsf&view=docid It looks like you have a combination of a bug and a defect for the sep version that you are running Hi josh2780 Just want to see if you have managed to get to resolve your issue as yet?

Kind regards, mustekkzn Hi experts Just want to see if I am the only person that experienced the following with Symantec Endpoint Protection. Also, have you perhaps seen the above error occur on your workstations lately? Kind regards, mustekkzn I've seen that on some managed workstations, however, it's due to a network issue and they are unable to reach the SEPM server.

I The status of the definition updates are still the same. Kind regards, mustekkzn 90% of attacks start with a phish.

It’s critical that IT admins and MSSPs have the right security in place to protect their end users from these phishing attacks.

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