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The medical system established for the shipyard workers at the Richmond Field Hospital eventually became today's Kaiser Permanente HMO.The name "Richmond" appears to predate actual incorporation by more than fifty years.

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Note that you don't actually need this action to refresh a record afteran insert or update, because you can simply update the value of the fields during the Insert and Delete action.Census, the city's population is at 103,710, making it the second largest city in the United States named Richmond.Under the Mc Laughlin Administration, Richmond was the largest city in the United States served by a Green Party mayor.Theexamples below demonstrate this.108 Direct Oracle Access 4.1 - User's Guide With the Applied parameter you indicate if the event handler has applied this action.This wayyou can choose to overrule only some specific actions, and let other actions be handled by the TOracle Data Set.

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