Do dating sites send spam

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Spam originators frequently seek to defeat such measures by employing typographical techniques such as replacing letters with accented variants or alternative characters which appear identical to the intended characters but are internally distinct (e.g., replacing a Roman 'A' with a Cyrillic 'A'), or inserting other characters such as whitespace, nonprinting characters, or bullets into a term to block pattern matching.This introduces an arms race which demands increasingly complex keyword-detection methods.Non-content base statistical means can help lower false positives because it looks at statistical means vs. Therefore, you will be able to receive a joke that mentions "viagra" from a friend.The most popular DNSBLs (DNS Blacklists) are lists of domain names of known spammers, known open relays, known proxy servers, compromised "zombie" spammers, as well as hosts on the internet that shouldn't be sending external emails, such as the end-user address space of a consumer ISP.Most techniques have both kinds of serious errors, to varying degrees.So, for example, anti-spam systems may use techniques that have a high false negative rate (miss a lot of spam), in order to reduce the number of false positives (rejecting good email).Mail clients which do not automatically download and display HTML, images or attachments have fewer risks, as do clients who have been configured to not display these by default.

So, if a friend sends you a joke that mentions "viagra", content filters can easily mark it as being spam even though it is neither unsolicited nor sent in bulk.Trying to balance false negatives (missed spams) vs false positives (rejecting good email) is critical for a successful anti-spam system.Some systems let individual users have some control over this balance by setting "spam score" limits, etc.A lot of spammers use poorly written software or are unable to comply with the standards because they do not have legitimate control of the computer sending spam (zombie computer).So by setting restrictions on the mail transfer agent (MTA) a mail administrator can reduce spam significantly, such as by enforcing the correct fall back of Mail e Xchange (MX) records in the Domain Name System, or the correct handling of delays (Teergrube).

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