Dating while seperated in north carolina

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surprised when her best friend’s parents, Marcy and Jim Blume (last names have been changed), announced they were getting divorced.

“They haven’t slept in the same bedroom for years,” Erica told her mom — something she knew from a decade of sleepovers at her friend’s house.

And sometimes, staying together can actually cost people money.

Given the spike in divorces after age 50 and grim economic realities for many of these people, potential cohabitors need to weigh the pros and cons of the arrangement.

If staying under one roof seems to be the most acceptable solution when divorce isn't feasible, at least in the near-term, it’s essential that the couple establish some ground rules so that cohabitating doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Fear of losing her home was Marcy Blume’s motivation.

“It sounds silly, but I knew that when Jim and I truly divorced, unless I won lotto or something, I’d never have as nice a kitchen again for the rest of my life," she confides.

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