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Anyone could worked—for Neil, as well as for many of the 600,000 readers who purchased the book. Was this "Mystery Method," named after the most well-known PUA, really the most effective route to happiness and love?As Gay Talese's 1981 , his still-evolving sexual history, and whether he's still in "the game." Other subjects discussed: How difficult was it to live in a polyamorous household with three beautiful women who all despised each other?I won't give away your ultimate decision, but I will say that along the way you end up in rehab for sex addiction. In retrospect, were you sexually addicted or just a typically curious male?There's a lot of controversy over the diagnosis of sex addiction which isn't included in the DSM [].

So it took me getting what I wanted, and still not being happy, to start trying to find what I actually needed.In the end, a therapist in rehab told me that she didn't think I was a sex addict, but that I had deep intimacy issues that were a symptom of my upbringing.That said, whether or not I was a sex addict, the therapy I received in rehab changed my life, so I'm grateful for it. In the book, you write that When you're questing for something outside yourself and you think that will fix everything, whether it's women or fame or money, that quest keeps you too busy to see what's going on within yourself. These and other questions have remained unanswered by Strauss, until last week, with the release of the 400-plus-page (Dey Street). But the guide didn't arrive on the scene without controversy, especially from feminists. Or did this apparently easy path only lead into a never-ending spiral of empty one-night stands?

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