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(Confession: even though I’m looking for someone local, I definitely took a peek at some of the available Aussies because I’m a sucker for the accent. ) One of the major downsides of the East Meet East dating app, however, is that it’s only offered in English, despite the focus on the Asian community.I don’t know if they have plans to offer the app in Asian languages, but it’s definitely something that should be considered. East Meet East also let me know about a video series they did with ISATV, called “The Dating Challenge Show” and it’s actually pretty entertaining.

Set up like any standard chat, this is where you can easily exchange messages with your admirers.You can navigate through 5 sections at the bottom of the screen: Search, Messages, Smiles, Visits, Profile.This is the latest 2016 upgrade and EME let me know that they’ve been working hard to make this the most easy to use Asian dating app.The previous versions of this app did not have full functionality like the advanced search, sending and receiving smiles, or seeing who’s visited your profile recently.Since its first release, they’ve done plenty of upgrades, especially to the UI, to make it super user friendly and intuitive. Well (in case you didn’t read my other review), it’s the “#1 dating site for Asian urban singles”.

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    ) but you can snap up something similar in our carousel below.

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    We unite like-minded American singles & cater for all races, religions and ages.

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