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When you meet a woman from this place, you involuntary imagine how she is walking through an enormous park, a picturesque square, or along a wide street with a magnificent architecture.When you start communicating with such woman, you will be surprised in a pleasant way at how respectful and well-bread she is and what excellent manners she has. It concerns not only their physical appearance, but also their rich inner world.It is a particular aspect of their consciousness, which has been shaped by the natural harmony of this city and by their nice upbringing.It is believed that the female citizens of the Northern capital represent the unity of truth, goodness and beauty – a classic triad of universal harmony. Petersburg do not like when somebody disturbs their private space, just like the Finnish people.Probably, it is the influence of a dull local weather – gloomy clouds, which are permanently eclipsing the sun during the perpetual day, or a polar night.

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It is the second largest city in Russia, situated close to the polar circle.

In the city on the Neva River there are about 60 solar days out of 365.

In such circumstances, no self-respecting woman who cares about her hairstyle will ever leave a house without an umbrella. Kindness, compassion, calmness, balance, flexibility and tolerance dominate in their character.

The women from the local marriage agencies possess a special kind of attraction.

These ladies have the beauty and benevolence of a queen.

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