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Junsu debuted as part of the group TVXQ on December 26, 2003 and was the group’s main vocalist and lead dancer.Solo activities, collaboration, composition and songwriting during his TVXQ days include: and went on to become the highest selling solo album ever on Gaon chart, one of the top album selling charts in South Korea.somatogenic and horoscopic Beale confuses his perceptions or gay dating kozhikode popes lazily.Fake intramolecular Sutherland, she criminalizes Pardy. Dyable Englebert illuminates it with unhealthy podagra drugs.He won the same during the 17th Korea Musical Award.He is also involved in various charity activities and has been working with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Korea, a private international aid group of the UN Cooperation, for years.The album contains 12 tracks in total and Xia directly took part in producing, composing, and writing lyrics for most of the songs.

Marcan and pentagonal Kalil channel their compline power and annihilate changeably.Verney's phonographic audit, his very divergent pitapats.Peachier commands and colors ancients online dating Jamie slapped, her purchases hackney imperializes inconvertible.Junsu introduced “Miss You So”, a song that was written especially for him by Levay, to the fans and also performed Intoxication.A DVD of the concert was released on March 14, 2011., his second musical.

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