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We were unaware we had eaten it until we went to clean the wok and noticed the bottom of the pan.

Very disappointed in the quality of this product and will not be purchasing this brand again.

This, in conjunction with the lids being loose anyway, means it's difficult to simmer - the steam is escaping all the time.

The gas jet has to be turned up to get a constant simmer (thus using more gas than necessary) and the fact that the lid lets the steam out, the pan boils dry very quickly.

It heats up so quickly as its cooper & you can't hold the frying pan. Mine is a little different than the one pictured and came with a glass cover. I think it cost .99 (can’t find the receipt), I have used it twice and the non stick has started coming off.

I understand cooper on the base is good but a cooper handle is stupid. I've had it for about 6 months already and really like it. I would imagine this is not something that should be consumed.

There is a small pot holder especially for cast iron, copper, any pot with a metal handle and keeps the handle cool to the touch.

My non-stick frying pan was losing it coating after so many years so needed replacing.Aldi products are very good but you do have to read the instructions whenever you purchase a new product from anywhere just to keep it like new..I bought the Crofton Non-stick Stir Fry pan at Aldi's on Monday and the first time (Wednesday)I used it the coating on one side is coming off... I want to take it back but there is no way to contact the store by phone. Just bought this & know Aldi will refund my $$ straight away, however, non-stick surface is producing a very toxic smell & the handle which is cooper is a stupid design. Time to clean the kitchen, but what will you do with your old pots and pans? Bring us your old aluminum, cast iron, even teflon coated pots and pans and well give you cash on the spot!We can help you responsibly dispose of old Recycle your old pots and pans for cash!

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