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They introduced many edicts to reflect the change in circumstances (e.g., the standard textual formulation of the Amidah prayers).

Functioning in the capacity of a Great Sanhedrin, entrusted with the preservation of Jewish life in a new epoch of Jewish history, the total composition of the Anshei Knesses Ha Gedolah was of 120 members.

Excerpted from the just-published book Jewish Wisdom in the Numbers. The average human lifespan (and standard measure of a generation) is associated with 70: “The days of our years are 70 years.” Nevertheless, the optimal length of life, as echoed in the conventional blessing given for long life (“You should live until 120! This epitomizes the sum of years in which man is to live out his life.

Rabbinic literature records several scholars within the historic period of the Mishnah who lived for 120 years.

Chomer is exemplified by water, whose liquid state has no definite form.

The Talmud sees a cryptic allusion to Moshe in the episode recounting the corruption in the world before the Flood.

“God said: ‘My spirit shall not abide in man forever, insofar as he is also flesh; therefore his days shall be 120 years.’” There are several striking correspondences between the period of the Flood and the life of Moshe.

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The life of Moshe began with his secret birth against the backdrop of the Egyptian edict to kill all the newly born Jewish boys. His role in redeeming the Children of Israel from Egypt was solely so that they would receive God’s Torah at Sinai, with Moshe playing an essential role in its transmission to the Jewish People. Indeed, there is a parallel between days and years in terms of the process of Moshe’s receiving the Torah. In ascending the mountain to receive the Torah, there were three 40-day periods, namely (40 x 3 =) 120 days in total. See “39: Under Development” and “40: True to Form.” 17. This reflects the unique spiritual nature of Moshe in his affinity to tzurah, form, which is taken out and raised above the level of chomer, matter.

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