Dating culture in the middle east

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Father's brother's daughter was most common but still only represented 38% of all cousin marriages, while 62% were with first or second cousins.

But most families had either no cousin marriages or only one, while for a few the rate was as high as 70%.

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Among Arabs and Berbers in Morocco the cousin right has also traditionally prevailed.Patai reports that in the decades preceding 1962 the right was often ignored among the Syrian urban middle class.Among the upper classes it appeared to be again more common, as certain leading families protected their wealth and status by reserving daughters for their cousins, though sons had more freedom of choice.In Iraq the right of the cousin has also traditionally been followed.The Uncle of the girl -or father of the boy- assigns or reserves his niece to his son at an early age, the parents from both families arrange for the marriage usually early.

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