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Howard Stern was the only one to respond and sent them an autographed jacket.His father died from an infection on February 1, 1990, four-and-a-half years after the accident.[1][5][7]In August 1985, Lange was arrested for attempted bank robbery.Stern also makes a point to praise Lange's comedic talents.Lange had grown up listening to the show and was a fan to the point of being able to recall obscure details from years before on a regular basis.Stern and his staff have commented that Lange's life is a sort of perpetual adolescence: His mother delivers food parcels and cleans his apartment while he continually gorges himself on pizza, pancakes, and other fattening foods and goes on drunken binges.[edit]Beer League and substance abuse (2005–2008)In early June 2005, Lange missed four days of shows, prompting concerns of a possible relapse into substance abuse.[24][25] The situation climaxed in Lange's behaving strangely and belligerently on the air.[26] On July 27, he infamously sneered at Stern and the staff, "Artie's gotta do what Artie's gotta do!"[27][28] Lange then missed the next two days, writing off his absence as due to stress from doing the radio show and filming his film Artie Lange's Beer League.[29] The truth for his absence was revealed in a spontaneous revelation on September 21, 2006, in which Lange acknowledged that he had regularly snorted heroin.[citation needed] He discussed past episodes of heroin use beginning when he was a standup comedian and continuing until Beer League was set to begin shooting.[26] He then detailed his painful withdrawal from the drug, which included side effects of aching, cold sweats, shaking, and vomiting.Lange co-wrote a book with Anthony Bozza titled Too Fat to Fish.

Lange made cameo appearances during the fifth and tenth seasons, including the final episode on May 16, 2009.[20] He also appeared on Saturday Night Live, MADtv's rival show, on the same day in a nonspeaking role.[edit]Dirty Work and The Norm Show (1998–2001)After Lange served a short jail term and a drug rehabilitation program, comedian Norm Mac Donald, impressed by Lange's work on Mad TV, offered him a part in the 1998 movie Dirty Work.

He enjoyed being paid ,000 an episode, sleeping late, and being in healthy physical shape, as well as working with the cast, particularly with Mac Donald and Laurie Metcalf; however, he disliked the show itself, referring to the material as "ridiculously lame, easy jokes."[22][edit]The Howard Stern Show (2001)Lange was introduced to The Howard Stern Show by his father in 1982.[5] Following the departure of Jackie Martling, the show's head writer for 15 years, in March 2001,[citation needed] Stern announced a "Win Jackie's Money" contest, in which various comedians would audition for Martling's seat by sitting in during shows.

Those who sat in included Craig Gass, Doug Stanhope, Richard Jeni, Jim Florentine and Ron Zimmerman.[23] After the cancellation of The Norm Show in April, Lange sat in for a number of shows between May and October before beginning full time on October 26, 2001.[citation needed] Since Lange joined the show, Stern has often teased him for his eating habits, gambling, drinking, drug use, and sleeping at work.

Lange attempted to punch one of the police officers.

He was sentenced to time served and probation.[17] Producers of MADtv persuaded him to enter rehabilitation in March 1997.

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