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For some reason, which I have not yet figured out, at least one person per week has been asking me about the Carbon-14 Radiometric Dating Technique.They want to know if it is accurate or if it works at all.The fourth will cover some examples of creationist literature which are used to show problems with radiocarbon dating specifically and the responses.There may be other posts which cover side topics such as the earth’s magnetism and tree rings as well as it relates to carbon dating.Likewise, sites and people who promote uniformitarianism and naturalistic processes as uniformitarianists.These are descriptive in nature only and not connotative. We do not know if any of the 14C has been lost in the past 4.

Without radiometric dating methods, it can be argued that science would have few ways to really know how old an object is.Do you have any articles an avrage person could read (not just abstracts)? Phil what do you think of the reliability of the "paleo-group" their cleaning method for less contamination and the results of testing fossil bones that should have no C14 and did.I'm thinking if it is contamination, then the results should be shown to be randomly varied in the results; however, if it is intrinsic, then the C14 amounts should still fall in line with the supposed ages - i.e an :older sample should be dated than a newer sample even if the ages are "younger" according to evo sources. Allosaurus came in a 16,000 years, Neanderthal at 30,000, Mammoths at 20-30 thousand, and marine fossils at much lower ages all under 50,000 and all contemporaries?The process of intake and carbon-14 decay continues until the death of the animal/plant at which point the ratio between carbon-14 and the remaining isotopes of carbon begins to change as carbon-14 decays back into Nitrogen. Talk Origins – How Good Are those Creationist Arguments 6. This is a better site and has all of his stuff on there. Article he wrote for ICR Some Ye people do not like him, but he has relevant info because of his expertise....Summing up, Carbon-14 is created in the atmosphere by cosmic rays striking the upper atmosphere, changing nitrogen-14 into Carbon-14. While several assumptions have been presented as possible problems, the next post will cover these assumptions in detail and cover in more depth assumptions of the dating method. Philo--here is that link, its a simple over view with some graphs on age. I personally think that AMS Carbon 14 testing is or can be very close in arriving at legit dates.

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