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All artists should have a standard up-to-date résumé available; all résumés ideally should be tailored to specific purposes.

Therefore, artists are advised to follow a venue’s stated guidelines for submitting résumés, including the number of pages specified.

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The artist résumé conventions presented here are designed primarily for use in proposals to professional venues, which can include commercial and non-profit galleries, museums, and art centers.

These recommendations can also be followed when submitting a résumé for grants, residency programs, commissions, and other exhibition opportunities.

The artist résumé is increasingly used as an essential element on artist and gallery websites and may also be used in publications such as exhibition catalogues.

Both the résumé and the CV should list entries within each category in reverse chronological order (i.e., placing the most recent entry first and so on, with the least recent entry being the last entry in each category).

Exceptions to this convention are entries without dates under categories such as Collections or Gallery Affiliation.

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If no submission directions are given, or if an institution gives you the option of sending a Word document or a PDF, you should always choose to send a PDF.Also, the significance of an entry is not always evident when it occurs and could become more important later.If you take the time to document all relevant accomplishments in a master résumé, you can retain important information that may otherwise be forgotten or lost.Use white space well and do not submit your résumé on colored paper. A beautifully prepared résumé will not get you an exhibition opportunity if your art or its documentation is weak, but a poorly designed résumé could cost you such an opportunity.As technology changes, be sure to submit your artist résumé in the format that the application or guidelines specify.

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