Complaints against adult dating sites

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Serious financial frauds are required to beinvestigated by multi-dimensional investigative agency and to be tried in a fasttrack special court. The curative aspects include making financial fraud an offence with ashift of burden of proof.

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Financial Fraud, per se, is no offence in India at present. Illustrative Bill National Law University, Jodhpur August 31,2001Dr. Jalan, Submission of the Report of the Committee on Legal Aspects of Bank Frauds I am privileged to present to you the Report of the Expert Committee on Legal Aspects of Bank Frauds and an illustrative legislation tocombat financial and bank frauds. Mitra, Chairman, Committee on Legal Aspects of Bank Frauds Reserve Bank of India Dear Dr. We anticipate that there shall now be a national debateover the report and the draft legislation so that the Government may examinepros and cons before taking steps to legislative design. In the preventive aspects, the committee recommended somesystemic adjustment including making legal compliance report necessary andattaching certain functional responsibilities to the financial auditors.2.

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