Brendon urie ryan ross dating

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On December 10, 2010, The Young Veins entered on a hiatus period.

In 2013, Ross released a two-track untitled demo EP as well as a couple of other songs through his official Sound Cloud page.

On July 15, 2009, Ross told MTV that the new sound he and Walker are working on is, "They're more, uh, I wouldn't want to say 'heavy,' but I guess I would have to, in the sense of, like, early garage music and Kinks and stuff.

The songs are shorter and faster, and I guess they're more rock and roll than flowery stuff".

With much success and touring of their debut album, the band went back into the studio on October 2007 to record what has come to be the bands's second studio album, Pretty.

Odd., which was released on March 25, 2008; the sound greatly differed to the band's debut album.

is an American musician, singer, and songwriter best known for his work as the lead guitarist and primary songwriter of the band Panic! Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ross got a guitar for Christmas when he was 12, and began collaborating with best friend Spencer Smith who received a drum kit.

bassist Jon Walker are the founding members of the band The Young Veins, in which Ross is the lead vocalist.

Brendon and Ryan are best friends who both have anorexia, but neither of them know that each other have it.

im not sure if its even him it cud b a look alike 2.

its a rockstar thing for guys make out with guys cuz aparently girls LOVE it 3.

i dout he is gay he is more likely bi sorry for the crappy spelling Other Answer: Yes, He Is Gay.

But There Has Been Rumours That He Is Going Out With Paramores Drummer's Ex Girlfriend.

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