Black woman dating other race

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I haven’t gotten to the point where I’m ready to date outside my race.So I guess I’ll be the only one who holds out until I find a black man because I know he’s out there, but as usual, he’s late as hell. Black women deserve to be more than “baby mamas” and that’s all that they have been for a while.(It's since been taken down.) Black men, your mom is black. Black men, if you don't support us, how do you expect us to be able to support you? I never understood why it makes a certain type of black man feel good to have a white woman on his arm. Do men not realize all races of women are capable of wearing weaves and clip-ins? But these days love is blind, so I guess to each his own. Try something or someone new because I gotta be honest, while I pride myself on being a good black man, most of my ni**as are not, unfortunately. Black women should date other races because black men have a reputation of not having their sh*t together. So, in my opinion, it might be the look if you want a real relationship and marriage. Well, I don’t really condone the idea, but honestly most black dudes are in jail, gay or have a record.

There just aren’t enough strong black families out there, man. We’re a dying race and I just don’t see why black men are so quick to cross over to other races when they haven’t even given sistas a chance.

They look at me like I'm a criminal." In a sense, I might not. ) I have many black friends who would prefer to not be confrontational and would rather pretend an event never happened than address it.

But I thought in my head, "At least black women black men. He said, "Courtney, I see you struggle with your hair, and I think it would be nice if he had my curly hair. Most of my friends are educated --more educated than their significant others -- and grew up in families from middle- to upper-class backgrounds. "Black women are unattractive." I'm going to leave out Beyoncé and Rihanna, because duh.

But when, as a black man, you start saying things such as, "I don't date black women; I don't find them attractive," I think we have an issue. As I've gotten older, I've met many men who will openly say they don't want a baby with a black woman.

Even published an article about black women being unattractive. They want a baby with "light skin or light eyes and good hair." IF.

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