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The liquor store network and distributors are both served at a case level, but they have only 20 products in common.SAQ works from two unionized DCs in the Quebec province: one in Montreal, the other in Quebec City.SAQ recognized the future success of the project depended on gaining support from middle management, who were initially somewhat resistant.

The organization receives product from nearly 2,000 suppliers from 55 countries around the world, says Jean-Francois Theriault, SAQ's senior director of logistics and transportation.

It serves customers through three distribution networks: a network of retail stores owned and operated by SAQ, a network of grocery distributors, and a network of organizations that hold liquor licenses, including all hotels, bars, and restaurants in Quebec.

Liquor license holders are served at the bottle level.

Management presented productivity numbers to employees and discussed using an average to evaluate receiving performance.

With so many variables affecting receipt of inbound shipments, however, employees questioned the use of a single average to measure performance across all containers.

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