Beckford dating tyson who

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The site says Beckford was given the major paycheck to rock the house at Miami's Soho Beach House for just two hours.To sweeten the deal, he allegedly only agreed to work half that time.Although the company claims it's done well, it's clear they are aiming to do better and require him to push the product more.

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A doorman called the cops, and by the time cops got there the 3 men were gone. We got video outside the club, where you can see the fight starting to brew -- but because there were a ton of cops patrolling that area, we're told Ruckus and Beckford moved the action a few blocks away.

This pretty boy has to work for his money, and sometimes that means linking up with companies to sell products.

Beckford attempted to become the next Jane Fonda or Suzanne Somers of his generation when he joined forces with Cisco to release the Beckford bar.

Tyson Beckford got into an all-out brawl with DJ Ruckus over the "Bro Code" ... It happened Thursday at Up & Down nightclub in NYC.

Tyson and Ruckus have had ongoing beef over Shanina Shaik.

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