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I blocked "Laura" from Facebook and on Yahoo and well as the "attorney" from Yahoo.

maybe your married college buddy and his wife will, too!RESEARCH YOUR SCAMMER, FIND OUT WHO IS BEHIND THE EMAIL Hi and welcome, trewells! - header - money request - chat log or text - profile elements used on dating/social site - pictures - if are not already reported here - first and second email - other contact details: phone numbers, adress for money delivery, bank account (if...) Useful links: FAQ - ...74&t=40328" onclick=";return false; How to use the board - [email protected] on Migente, username robinson71 Member Since: March 20, 2012 Sex: Female Age: 41 Last Login: 2 mins ago Location: Austin, TX Race: Black/African American Zodiac: Sagittarius I finally ended their game on Friday.She claims to live in London but originally from Toronto. She (or he) claims to have a large inheirtance from her father who died in a plane crash. Then she sends me several photos of Audrey and the funny thing is several of them have the watermark or title of the porn site in the corner. I went to the sites and figured out who she was (gorgeous chick/skank by the way). Now she is pressing me to send 0 for a copy of the death certificate.She was told by her attorney to find a guy to date and marry online who could act as an executor for her and take care of her and the "funds". So I let her know that I found a link that I could get one for online.

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