Asian girls only dating white guys

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Anyway, yes, most Shenzhen girls seem to want to chase after White guys for many reasons (money, Green Card).

Not to say this is true with ALL SHENZHEN Chinese females--which it is not--but there's enough evidence for this to be true.

As far as Cornfed's dislike of Jews, it is not shared in Asia- at least when it comes to Ashkenazis.

In fact, I think they wish all foreigners would just pack up and leave.

Anyway, I also noticed that Chinese treat each other like crap--in general, while treating Whites much better. I think the more Westernized the city is in China, the more depravity and sluttiness that goes on from the females.

They tend to lose control of themselves--if not kept in check. I liked it much better when I was in the more interior part of China--as I found the girls more open and friendlier; also, less White-worshipping, although most were very friendly towards foreigners.

I keep hearing that guys prefer white girls over latinas, why is that? Do non white girls like white guys because I'm honestly scared of non white girls because the media makes them think I'm some kind of racist? But u know, i can see why Asian girls are going to white guys because they are perhaps more accepting of physical differences and not blunt about it...

Why do white girls/women love non-white guys so much?

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