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You can learn more about these and other popular chat room symbols by going to the People Connection on AOL and clicking on the Help button.

If you are in an AOL chat room and want to learn more about another AOL member, you can use the “Find People” option from the “People Connection” page on AOL .

- File size is usually restricted to a default of 2MB, or as defined by administrator Notification popups report on the status of the application, as well as incoming requests.

A normal popup will fade off in a 2 seconds if ignored.

Pops up a small browser window, allowing you to select a picture to upload to the chat room.

- Only non-progressive JPG/JPEG files are accepted.

Each user may possess certain attributes, illustrated by icons on the right.

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This AOL chat feature lets you create a chat room that will not show up in the list of active chat rooms, and can only be accessed by people who know the exact name of the chat.

The AOL chat area also features fun polls on current events where you can vote your opinion on the issues of the day.

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