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In another group that includes both men and women, a woman laments about the futility of it all — getting dressed, going on dates, sometimes having sex and then getting disappointed — all that effort is going nowhere. One of Alisha’s pictures was taken in an off-beat track in Himachal Pradesh, Varun had been there on a trek and that became his way into Alicia’s life.

Avinash Shah* (29) is a film studies professor, he has matched with a number of women on Tinder but says that he is only in it for the hook ups. “I was very intrigued that she had gone to this strange place that not many have been to, I realised that perhaps she is adventurous like me, I thought it was something special,” says Varun.

Usually, an excitable person, she grabbed my phone and downloaded this application onto my phone from the play store — Tinder. And since that (un) fortunate night, I have lost many hours to swiping with gusto (and then mostly, lackadaisically) in the pursuit of what I imagined to be something, but can perhaps only be described as, ‘Netflix and chill’. According to , India has about 350 million active internet users.

A tiny icon with an orange flame popped up in my application gallery; she did the rest with incredible ease — under 3 minutes flat, she signed me up and told me how it worked. Around 289 million active users are from the urban areas and a significant portion of those users access the internet on their mobile devices.

Most heads are looking down into a screen, every once in awhile, they look up, smile and converse with their friends before they go back to tapping pixels on their phones. Nitesh and Avinash, both claim their original intention is to find love, not get laid. Apparently, a lack of authenticity and uniqueness — a feeling shared by almost all the 20 men I spoke to for this article.

In one part of the pub, that is now getting louder with painfully popular Justin Bieber songs, a group of men are discussing their latest ‘sexcapades’ — how many women they met and how many women they eventually undressed. Varun and Alisha, the successful Tinder couple also expressed that their social circles were limited and that they were looking for something unique.

Nitesh met with seven girls out of the ten he matched with this month and slept with four of them.

Shruti N.* (21) just graduated and started work at an advertising agency.The urban Indian demographic has taken to the tools of finding love (or at least finding consensual, casual sex) online.This, however is not a unique metropolitan experience — it is not just men, women, girls and boys from Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru or Chennai who are plugged in to look for their significant others , but also a significantly young demographic (18-21 years) who are flirting with the concept of meeting someone online for the explicit purpose of dating.Am always happy but not to my satisfaction because of not having any man in my life that is why am joining up here if possible we can be good friends and build long lasting relationship base on trust, love, passion, fun, mutual love and respect.I want a man who is caring and will want to make me happy.

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