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It's quirky, creative, and fun, with serious cautionary messages for teens and adults.

I enjoyed the piece overall, and think it is one that parents could use as a lynch pin for serious discussions about sex, suicide, sexual abuse, and abortion.

A little bit of magic Broadway found its way to San Jose this week, with the opening of the Broadway hit Spring Awakening at the San Jose Center for Performing Arts.

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To me, the standouts in the cast were Steffi D as Ilse, a troubled girl who runs away from sexual abuse at home.

In the national tour giving the show’s Houston premiere at Hobby Center, that’s certainly true of the signature numbers representing youthful angst and rebellion.

When Blake Bashoff’s shock-headed class misfit Moritz leads leaping classmates in lamenting Yet I’d put a slightly different spin on my recommendation.

I can understand why this show has such a large teen following, particularly for kids who feel marginalized or that their parents just don't understand the pressures they feel.

Our town recently been rocked by a serious of very public and painful teen suicides that has ripped the fabric of our community.

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