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The current relationship status of Alexandra Chando is not known. But Diane is so understanding that the things that used to be a chore became easy. Given Name: Alexandra Chando Nickname: Ali Age: 31 (7/28/1986)Occupation: Entertainment - Actress Most Famous For: Maddie Coleman on As the World Turns "It's really a gypsy's life, never staying in one place...It's not like the actress isn't a perfect fit for anyone.To be honest, more than half the population of the world will die for dating a girl like her.

She was also linked with the co-star of her show, Blair Redford."It's nice to see these two people who really love each other fighting In the penultimate episode, Emma (Chando) learned that her boyfriend Ethan (Blair Redford) had kissed her twin sister Sutton, also played by Chando.But Ethan and Emma have much more to deal with then their complicated love triangle.But once she decides to make her career part time and become a parent to her children or a beloved wife to her husband, who will be her partner?Well, that's the question every one of her fans is asking.

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