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They are in great numbers in North and Latin America, especially in the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Canada.

The Arbëreshë constitute one of the largest minorities in Italy.

These are mainly refugees from Kosovo that migrated during the Kosovo war.

During the Kosovo war in 1999, many Kosovo Albanians sought asylum in the Federal Republic of Germany.

One group known as the Arbanas are located on Croatia's Dalmatian coast and fled Ottoman repression.

Approximately 1 million are dispersed throughout the rest of Europe.

Approximately 7 million Albanians are to be found within the Balkan Peninsula with about half this number residing in Albania and the other divided between Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, the Republic of Macedonia, Greece and to a much smaller extent Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Slovenia.This was because Italy had been a symbol of the West for many Albanians during the communist period, because of its geographic proximity.There are small Albanian populations dating to migrations from the 18th century.They had settled in Italy between the 15th and 16th century, displaced by the changes brought about by the expansion of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans.The Arbëreshë were offered refuge by the Kingdom of Naples and Kingdom of Sicily (both under Aragonese rule) and given their own villages and protection.

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