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In this category, you can find facts and information relating to Old Yeller. Travis - Travis is the man of the family and has to take care of Little Arliss and mama, he is 14 years old.

He is also a responsible young man, and is very respectful to the people around him..

The stage layout really threw us for a loop at first, but we are Yeah Jam Fury masters!

Little Arliss - Little Arliss is Travis's little brother, he is 5...

No, it is an animal story that ends tragically, as the Uncle or Father character is compelled to shoot the beloved pet who has contracted rabies from a snakebite. One normally (consider rerun potential, like cartoons) Kill off a lead character. Fred Gibson was inspired to write old yeller when he, as a young boy, had a dog who was killed after a deadly wolf attack.

Connect, take them to your favorite places and maybe next time you will visit them in their hometown or even travel together as travel partners Mnogi ljudi koji žele da putuju po svetu i vide zastaje dah mesta nemaju odgovarajuću pratioca.

A ne svako može da objavim "Traži se saputnik" preko društvenih mreža.

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