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ho comperato un paio di scarpe timberland da voi pero fino adesso non mi e arrivato niente li diceva che sarebbero arrivati in 10giorni lavorativi come mai non sono ancora arrivati ? Hopefully Amazon is not doing something shady, but it seems, for me at least, they are not fraudulent charges. I didn’t receive the bag i paid for yet so I am nervous that i was scammed.

mi rispondete in italiano grazie I have a bunch of PRIME VIDEO 888-802-30 charges on my Credit Card statement. I have NOT purchased anything from this company and I am very upset that they have got into my bank details twice. It appears that sombody has taken £79.91 and £79.93 on the 22 of february with out my consent and the same person or persons have taken on the 06 February the som of £4.91 and £4.93 for the same I want this investiga Ted.

It was later found that Zada had used the £1.6 million he had scammed for himself on expensive restaurants and alcohol.

In one night alone, Zada had spent £140,000 on champagne at the Amika nightclub in Kensington.

After the review they provided refunds to about 3,400 customers, including million in fees and interest.

They waived about .3million in credit card balances following the review.

ANZ reported to ASIC that they failed to disclose or incorrectly disclosed interest rates, interest-fee periods, annual fees, overseas transaction fees and amounts payable for overseas transactions from as early as 2009.

Westpac will give .3million to about 3,400 customers after concerns were raised by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission about their credit card limit increases.No ANZ consumer credit card accounts have been impacted by the failed disclosure of fees.Wesptac have agreed to improve its lending practices when providing credit card limit increases after they had provided them to customers with financial difficulties.I was told there would be a one time charge of .99 for a year's coverage so I agreed. I am so upset because I am on a pension and have no money . Thank you FHT*Bingcheng Shenzhen SHE is the name of my credit card usage list.I have paid the .99 charge and have been billed .99 for the following months and I can't get in touch with them to stop this service, and also get my money back on the monthly charges. I remember I bought a bag online and it appeares in my statement.

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