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An apparently quiet and compliant person can be deeply hostile, for instance.Any crucial officer safety information should be handed over during shift changes and followed up with posts, emails or other methods of communication.Police officers need to be updated with information about who they are dealing with in their patrol zones and what risks they face when encountering them.Too often, violent attacks on officers are caused by misreading behaviour.

The driver assumed that when the unmarked vehicle in front of him pulled over to the side of the road, it was to allow him to pass.

If the supervisor doesn't communicate what's happening in the zone, police officers may not communicate it with each other, either.

And they won't be in the best position to respond appropriately to potential dangers.

That driver may, in turn, have assumed the officer driving the marked patrol unit had received the same radio message. In , Remsburg outlines an effective situational awareness and stress perception management system known as the Awareness Spectrum, which identifies five levels of awareness and perception control.

Maintaining the most appropriate level of awareness is crucial.

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